I’ve always been curious about the space between how things work and how people engage with them. As a child, I’d break toys apart and put them back together in ways that were more useful and interesting to me. While I no longer do that (often), I still seek to lessen the tension between function and usefulness by creating usable, inclusive, and delightful user experiences.

I started my journey in 2014 by building websites for small local businesses and solo-preneurs. More recently, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Quinnipiac University’s Interactive Media Design master’s program where I focused on UX design. Today, I work as a UX editor where I perform user research, design and review content, edit interface copy, and help build designs to provide intuitive and seamless online learning experiences for educators around the world. I also work on personal projects, such as OpenNews, an app to help bridge gaps between people with political differences.

Outside of work, I’m a laid-back writer and plant mom who enjoys yoga, making art, cooking, and learning new things. I’m big into hiking and pretty much all things outdoorsy! Regularly connecting with the natural world grounds and refreshes me, so weekend outdoor exploration is my favorite way to prepare for the week ahead. I also enjoy volunteering for my local art school, where I write press releases and blog posts, photograph events, interview artists, and market workshops and gallery showings.

If you want to connect, send me a note using this contact form or email me at liannemariaminnis@gmail.com and I’ll respond within 48 business hours.

Lianne Minnis