Process starts with the values we choose to uphold. Here are mine:

  • Humility

  • Kindness

  • Honesty

  • Progressive, shared outcomes

I contribute to these values by:

  • Building trusting and authentic relationships

  • Practicing deep listening

  • Balancing competing business requirements and human needs

  • Leading inclusive, participatory, and sustainable design practices

  • Bridging gaps between design, engineering, and product teams

  • Managing up and across, empowering others’ successes first

Process Steps

I follow the human-centered design process, but I’m not dogmatic about it. My process isn’t monolithic—it adapts to each project. As a designer and researcher, it’s important for me to always start with the human experience. That means examining each situation from people’s own self-evident truths and let that be the North Star that guides each project.

Generally, I follow these steps:

  1. Discover

  2. Decide

  3. Ideate

  4. Prototype

  5. Test and refine

Process Themes

I ask questions and listen to your goals and concerns. I care about your goals and clarify how we can work together. I ask questions to understand your audience’s deepest needs while keeping your goals in mind.

I collaborate and find momentum. Because we won’t know everything in advance, I believe in figuring things out together. I work iteratively and share what I know. I speak to be understood rather than to win.

I think about systems while executing on the details. I find the path where your business goals meet user needs. I bridge teams together to help them put people first while adapting to your process.

I use language to shape behavior. I prototype with words to set a clear path for both your audience and your business. That could mean collaboratively developing a product vision or writing conversation maps together. Sometimes it could also mean choosing the right navigation label or writing content for an onboarding flow.

Want to learn more? I’d love to hear from you. Or, take a look at how I’ve applied these themes to team dynamics!